3D Snapshot Plans Revealed!

November 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

So, as it seems by the proposals, now we know how large the buildings are. By the looks of it, will look pretty nice and useful of the space. This is still just a planning design so expect touch ups here and there in the nearby future.


Interview with David Soknacki

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Here is a link to a podcast interview with David Soknacki about the Canadian Air and Space Museum:

Recommended by Rob Cohen in response to my e-mail I sent him. See it here

Largest point made:

The Canadian Air and Space was always inteded to be relocated by the Downsview Park.

The building may be demolished with the exception of  keeping a few little historic features, such some of the walls and windows, here and there left to keep the buildings heritage.

Buttonville Noise And Safety

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There has been much concern about the amount of noise the Buttonville airport creates because of the constant movement of airplanes approaching and leaving the airport. When the airport was made, there was not much residential presence around the it, but over the years the Town of Markham has increased residential areas around the airport. That has created multiple Noise and Safety problems. To learn more about Noise and Safety issues in Buttonville you can visit http://buttonvillenoiseandsafety.blogspot.com/.

With the removal of the airport, these concerns may be eliminated or increased. The increase in development in the are can cause an increase in noise pollution for 2-3 years before the area can settle. This will cause great disturbances for the residents of the Buttonville area.

Canadian Air and Space Museum: Heritage Status or Demolishment?

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Here is a link to the article from The Star on the confusion of the status of the Canadian Air and Space Museum:

The article talks about:

  • The building holding the Canadian Air and Space Museum was originally intended to have the heritage site status.
  • Status was lost when the land went to the Parc Downsview Park
  • File reviewing the land as a historic landmark was lost
  • Canadian Air and Space Museum has a debt of $100,000 in rent
  • Building requires $3.5 million worth of renovation
  • It seems easier to simply demolish the building
  • Company is willing to pay storage space till the Canadian Air and Space Museum can relocate

Oak Ridges Moraine Map

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Here is a map of the Oak Ridges Moraine in relation to the Buttonville Redevelopment Site.

Paul Whitecotton’s Opinion on Buttonville Airport

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An article, which includes a video too,  from The Toronto Sun written by Jenny Yuen on September 6th, 2009, speaks about the plan of the land of Buttonville Airport after it has been moved elsewhere. The concern for many pilots there was, “Where will we go?” One private pilot, Paul Whitecotton, says, “It’s a central area and supports a lot of local pilots like myself.”

Here is the link to the video and the article: Buttonville Up In The Air

Richmond Hill News Contacted

November 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have contacted the York Media Group for the Richmond Hill News to request them to include an article about us and this project blog. They have replied back saying they would like to include our article for the next issue.

Hi Lisa
Thank you for your e-mail. Please provide for us article in PDF format ready for print and I will send it for print in next issue.

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